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Beauty products specifically designed for ladies with darker skin tones can be difficult to find. American Horror Story star Angela Bassett, however, has plans to change that. The actress has teamed up with Dr. Barbara Sturm to launch a skin care line called Darker Skin Tones by Barbara Sturm.

Inspired by her own skin flare-ups, Angela revealed that she wants the line to help people with deeper complexions who struggle with problems like inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

“Since African-American, or skin of color, problems [revolve] mainly [around] inflammation that is why I especially took care in this range,” she said to Women’s Wear Daily. “It has real ingredients, which are scientifically shown to address inflammation.”

The main ingredient in the five-item line is purslane, an herb that has powerful properties that both works as an antiaging agent and evens out the complexion. Angela added that she wants people to be more aware of their skin care routines and for them “to see what is good for it and ingredients that are helpful.”

The exclusive line, which includes products like a foam cleanser and face cream, will launch at Harrods and be available online in July. Mark this down on your calendars!

PREGNANT women who drink artificially sweetened beverages may be more likely to have overweight infants than women who do not, a study suggests.
Researchers found that daily consumption of artificially sweetened beverages was linked to a twofold higher risk of having an infant who was overweight at age one, compared to women who drank no artificially sweetened beverages at all.
“To our knowledge, we provide the first human evidence that maternal consumption of artificial sweeteners during pregnancy may influence infant BMI,” said the study led by Meghan Azad of the University of Manitoba.
The report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics, was based on self-reported survey data.
Therefore, it stops short of proving any cause and effect, but should encourage more research into the matter, scientists said.
More than 3000 mothers logged their dietary habits, which were later analysed by researchers.
Their infants’ body-mass index was measured at one year of age. Nearly 30 per cent of women reported drinking artificially sweetened beverages while pregnant, but the study did not identify which kinds of sweeteners women were consuming.
Researchers said they controlled for potential confounding factors that could play a role in the baby’s weight, such as the infant’s sex, whether or not the mother was overweight, and whether or not the infant was breastfed — and for how long.
The report also found no link between the child’s BMI and the pregnant mother’s self-reported consumption of sugary drinks.

Previous studies on the matter have been carried out with lab animals. Some research has found that artificial sweeteners may trigger the appetite and lead to weight gain, or may interfere with important gut bacteria and raise the risk of heart problems.
The study suggests that daily consumption of artificially sweetened beverages was linked to a higher risk of having an infant who was overweight at age one.
The study suggests that daily consumption of artificially sweetened beverages was linked to a higher risk of having an infant who was overweight at age one.
However, data from observational studies is often conflicting, said an accompanying editorial in JAMA Pediatrics by researchers Mark Pereira, of the University of Minnesota and Matthew W. Gillman of Harvard Medical School.
They described the current findings as “intriguing” but also “preliminary” because they relied on questionnaires, which can contain errors.
Also, the study did not explore the biological mechanisms at play. “Despite these caveats, the findings by Azad et al warrant attention and further research,” they wrote.
“Randomised clinical trials substituting artificially-sweetened beverages for sugar-sweetened beverages or, equally valuable, water for artificially-sweetened beverages would be particularly helpful,” it said.

In this installment of Julianne to the Rescue, makeup artist to the stars Julianne Kaye shares the beauty products almost every industry pro turns to zhush up their celeb clients. A few picks are pretty surprising, a few are makeup-chair mainstays but you’ll have to read up on all of them to find out why. 

These industry cult products aren’t a huge secret among makeup artists but could be news to you. Of course, every professional makeup artist’s kit is different, but whenever I’m on set and kit-cruising, I always seem to see these same products in all of our bags. Now, I’m going to share them with you!


ESC: Julianne Kaye, Products
If you really want to whiten your eyes like a pro, get these staple blue-tinted eye drops that are in every makeup artist’s kit. The colored versions are an insider secret—it neutralizes yellow and red discoloration immediately and turns the whites of the eyes nice and bright! It used to be impossible to find them in the States but now they’re everywhere with the click of a button. Make sure to remove your contacts before applying the drops though.

Original Laiter Collyre Bleu Eye Drops, $21.99

ESC: Julianne Kaye, Products
This amazing gel transforms any cream lipstick in to a velvety-matte finish. Since matte lips are having such a moment, it’s pretty cool that you can turn your favorite pink in to a flat finish when you feel like it without bulking up your makeup bag with a ton of lipsticks.

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer, $24

ESC: Julianne Kaye Products
I keep a tiny jar of this in my kits always and for a laundry list of reasons—it’s like Windex was to Gus Portokalos in my Big Fat Greek Wedding! Coconut oil can be used for moisturizing, taking off makeup, softening cuticles, taming brows, mixing with sugar to exfoliate lips, face and body, shaving cream substitute, sunburn relief, chapped skin relief, hair conditioner and wrinkle prevention. At approximately $5 a jar and I mean a BIG jar, you will get so much bang for your buck.

Crisco Coconut Oil, $4.99

ESC: Julianne Kaye, Products
This is my latest awesome find, and I was compelled to buy it because the traditional curlers are usually super intimidating to a lot of clients, who often refer to my traditional curler as a “torture device” (If you’ve ever pinched your eyelid while curling your lashes you know what I’m talking about)! Designed to be used after mascara application, the wand gently warms lashes giving them a long-lasting maximum curl without damaging your eyelashes or just scaring the heck out of ya!

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler, $22

ESC: Julianne Kaye, Products
This is my ride-or die-sponge, and I feel like writing, Duh…beautyblender, because I think by now, everyone knows this sponge is incredible! It’s great for blending out foundation, smoothing out contour and the little baby ones are great for getting into the corners of the eyes and the sides of the nose.

Beautyblender original, $20 

ESC: Julianne Kaye, Products
Another great product for multiple uses. I don’t use this as a setting or finishing spray but I do use it to dampen my beautyblender to sheer out or blend foundation. If the makeup gets a little to powdery looking throughout the day, I mist it on the face to freshen it up and bring back vibrancy. It’s also great for mixing with eye shadow or pigments to really pull out the most intense color or even use as liner.

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+, $22


Health Benefits Of Tomato Juice

It is known that tomatoes have strong qualities and are considered very healthy, that is why they belong to the group of super-foods.

Experts from Taiwan decided to do an experiment using tomato juice. They have gathered women of different ages, weights and different origins and gave them a glass of tomato juice (250 ml) each day for a period of two months.

The first thing they have noticed is the significant weight loss, which occurred due to the removal of the deposit of fat from the body. Women who participated in this study have not changed their nutrition habits or training, but the results were evident only after some days.

Moreover, these women’s blood was taken before and after the experiment and the results have been staggering. They showed significantly reduced levels of cholesterol.

Tomatoes have a lot of benefits for our health. A single glass of tomato juice a day strengthens immunity, helps against heart disease and reduces the risk of developing cancer. Moreover, tomato juice prevents diseases of the bladder, pancreas, lung and liver, helps with digestion, prevents water retention and improves overall health.

Tomato juice reduces cough, prevents anemia, relieves rheumatic symptoms and strengthens the blood; contains potassium, calcium, vegetable protein, carbohydrates and essential vitamin C.

Health Benefits Of Tomato Juice

Home recipe of tomato juice-ingredients:

– 6 Kg of tomatoes
– 2 tablespoons salt
– 4 tablespoons sugar

Method of preparation:

Remove the tails of tomato and clean with cold water, then fragment and ponder over. Add salt and sugar and let boil, and stir frequently to prevent burning. Once they boil, fry them for 10 minutes and mix all the time. Fried warm juice of tomatoes should be placed in sterilized glass bottles and closed. When cooled, store the bottles in a cool fresh place.

This house tomato juice would undoubtedly change the way you feel and look, but if you want to buy it, make sure to take an organic juice because the effects and benefits will not be complete.

Source: Livestrong

disc herniation

The spinal column is one of the most important parts of our body. It provides support and allows us to stand upright, bend and twist.33 individual bones interlock with each other to form the spinal column. All the vertebrae are numbered and divided into regions.

Cervical Vertebrae

C1-C7, called as cervical vertebrae form the neck. They provide support for our head and allows us to -knod- and shake our head.

Thoracic Vertebrae

T1-T12, form a group of 12 vertebrae that are joined by ribs to form the “rib cage”.

Lumbar Vertebrea

L1-L5, these vertebrae carry the most of our body weight and provide a stable center of gravity when we move.Five vertebrae of the Sacrum and four of Coccyx are fused and make the back wall of our pelvis.

Between each of the mobile vertebra are located the intervertebral discs. Intervertebral discs consist of thick outer layer with crisscrossing fibrous structure that surround the soft gel-like center called The Nucleus. Each disc has the function to serve as shock-absorbing springs.

The Annulus pulls the vertebrae bodies together against the elastic resistance of jel-filled nucleus.

When you bend, The Nucleus allows the vertebral bodies to roll over the incompressible gel.

Facet Joins

The biomechanical function of each pair of facet joins is to guide and limit movement of the spinal motion segment.

The surfaces of the joints are wrapped with cartilage that help each joint move smoothely.

Directly behind the discs, the ring like vertebral bodies form the Spinal Canal.

The spinal cord and spinal nerves pass through the canal, which protects them from damage and injury.

The spinal cord, which is the major column of nerve tissue and it is connected to the brain. That makes the spinal cord serve as an information super-highway between the brain and the body.

The nerves in spinal cord branch off to form pairs of nerve roots that travel through intervertebral foramens.

As a disc degenerates and breaks down, the inner core can leak out through the outer portion of the disc.

The condition is known as a Disc Herniation, which puts direct pressure on the nerve.



disc herniation

Low back pain, leg pain, leg numbness are caused by Disc Herniation. Photo Credit:

These are the symptoms of lumbar herniated discs:

– low back pain
– legs and buttock pain
– leg numbness and tingling


Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy is the minimaly invasive procedure to treat lumbar herniated disc.

The process works as described:
First a thin guide wire is placed, under X-Ray control, down to the involved level of the spine.
A tapered dilator is inserted over the guid wire. Then, a small tube is inserted over the dilator and creates a portal to the herniated disc. The endoscope is placed through the tube and the discectomy is performed.

Using special microsurgical tools the surgeon can microsurgicaly remove the herniation by relieving the nerve root compression.

And finally watch the video to learn the advantages of Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy:


Text and video credit: AnatomYoga