Best Wardrobes in Britain: Adwoa Aboah

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You’re obviously styled up a lot for shoots and show, but how do you get dressed every morning by yourself?

I think about it in the shower. And then if it’s not fashion week, I don’t really care. I put on a tracksuit, like, most days if it’s cold. But now as it’s fashion week, I kind of have to try a little bit harder—or just not wear tracksuits every day! So I think about it sometimes even before I go to sleep, or in the shower, and then I just go with it. I just put on anything.

I love dressing up, especially as I think my style is kind of mad all the time, and it goes and changes all the time, and I’m not scared of trying different things. So when it comes to the evening or a party, I just like go full force. Get the gowns out! I’m always saving things—there are a lot of clothes I haven’t worn that I’m saving for particular events or birthday parties or weddings.

Everyone seems to hate describing their own style—so what words do you think your family and friends might use to explain it?

Quite out-there. Just a lot of layers. Um, nothing ever really matches.

Have you always been like that?

[It happened] later on. I always—no, it’s definitely always been later on. But now I don’t really care whether people like what I wear or not. Before I kind of loved clothes, but my style was a lot simpler.