These disturbing ultrasound pictures show the reaction of an unborn baby in the body of a smoking mother.

A research by the University of Durham and Lancaster pulled 4D ultrasound pictures, which show us the fetal reactions, mouth and other baby body movements during the time their mothers are smoking a cigarette. Results are published in Acta Paediatric magazine.

During the study, researchers took 80 ultrasounds of 20 babies between week 24 and week 36 of pregnancy.

Of the 20 mothers, 16 of them did not consume tobacco, while 4 other mothers did. Mothers who smoke, had consumed an average of 14 cigarettes per day.


Ultrasound picture of baby reactions. In the front row are the babies of mothers who smoke!

Results showed that infants of mothers who consumed cigarettes, covered their faces with their hands and they had mouth movements, much more than babies in the womb of mothers who were non smokers.

Doctors have confirmed that today’s technology enables us to see what had previously been impossible, revealing just how big influence smoking has on the fetus. They revealed us a truth in a way that we will not be able to understand without the help of technology.

20 infants, under the evaluation of the clinic, were born healthy, but research doctors Dr. Reissland and Dr. Francis admit that it should be done more research and do analysis on what happens in the cases when the father are smokers too./inhealthyzone.com/

Check the quick video below to see the pictures of what smoking does to an unborn baby:

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