These 10 Things Will Always Make You Look Richer Than You Are

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You might assume that to look expensive you need to buy expensive things, however looking rich isn't just about flashy logos and jewellery that must be stored in a safe. There are little tricks that can make any outfit look more elevated, from ensuring your shirts are always crisp to the colours that appear to add a couple zeros to the cost of your outfit. Keep scrolling to see the 10 things that will always make you look richer than you are without sending your bank balance into the red.

Look Like You Go to the Dry Cleaner and Never Do Your Own Laundry

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An easy way to look expensive is to make sure your clothes are as immaculate as possible and your shirts look like they are fresh from the dry cleaners. In our books, nothing looks as luxurious as a crisp, pressed shirt. You don't actually have to go to the dry cleaner, just invest in a decent steamer.

Wear All-White Outfits to Show You Don't Need to Be Concerned With Stains

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An all-white outfit always looks expensive because it says to the world you can afford to risk a ketchup stain and probably don't have to rely on public transport. White trousers and seats on the bus tend not to be the best pairing.

Anti-Commuter Shoes That Say "I Travel Exclusively by Uber"

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Commuting stops most of us from wearing heels, so a power pump gives the impression that you travel by taxis more than anything else.

You Want to Look Like You Wear Silks and Cottons, Never Polyester

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Investing in quality fabrics, such as silks and cottons, and timeless and elegant pieces adds an air of sophistication to your look.

A Wooden Handle Umbrella That Will Maintain Your Blowdry

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The key to looking expensive is to appear well groomed, and an oversized sturdy umbrella with a wooden handle will ensure your immaculate blow dry stays in place.

Carry Your Handbag Like It's a Birkin, and Place It On Your Elbow 

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Birkins are the ultimate status handbag, and like most eye-wateringly expensive bags, they are usually looped over the elbow, as shown by Victoria Beckham.

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Wear a Watch—But Make It a Quiet One

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So much chicer than scrabbling for your phone to find the time.

Forget the Puffer—Wear a Proper Overcoat or Trench

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A tailored coat or classic trench instantly elevates any outfit.

Don't Carry Too Much Stuff 

Mini handbags have become a status symbol — Gigi Hadid often leaves the house with a teeny tiny Stalvey handbag that is only big enough for a lipstick and a credit card.

Have Immaculate Luggage, With a Matching Set

To invest in beautiful luggage you need to travel a lot, so nothing signals a healthy bank account like a matching set of suitcases or trunks. 

Anyone else inspired to smarten up a little tomorrow?